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    We drive INNOVATION

    And we do it at every level with EcoStruxure™. Discover how Schneider Electric makes bold ideas happen with an INNOVATION portfolio of IoT-enabled, connected products, edge control, and apps, analytics, and services.

    Discover EcoStruxure
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    DIGITAL movie magic

    Creating award-winning effects outside of Hollywood is a bold idea. Schneider installed a ready-made data center in less than five months for Animal Logic and now they make DIGITAL movie magic with Schneider EcoStruxure™ IT.

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    CONNECTED rain or shine

    Keeping 4000 students CONNECTED to a world-class education, whatever the weather, is a bold ambition. With Schneider EcoStruxure™ IT, the Bainbridge Island School District ensures connectivity in its schools so students stay learning, rain or shine.

    Watch now Discover EcoStruxure
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    Life-saving RELIABILITY

    Building a state-of-the-art, sustainable children’s hospital is a bold idea. Nemours Children’s Hospital ensures emergency generators restore life-saving power in 10 seconds or less and medical teams have clean, uninterrupted power for RELIABILITY with Schneider EcoStruxure™ Power.

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    Schneider Electric Sri Lanka

    Our representatives and partners in Sri Lanka deliver connected technologies to help you manage your energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable.

    • Our office in Sri Lanka

      2nd Floor, Valiant Towers
      46/7, Nawam Mawatha
      Colombo 02

      Tel: +94117750505
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      ACL Cables Ltd
      No 21, Norris Canal Road
      Colombo -10, Sri Lanka
      Website: www.acl.lk 
      Email: info@acl.lk  
      Tel. 94112697652

      Bianco Pvt Ltd
      No 49/1, Fife Road
      Colombo 05, Sri Lanka
      Email: bianco@sltnet.lk  
      Tel. +94112507252

      Electro Serv Pvt Ltd
      No 37, Melder Place
      Nugegoda, Sri Lanka
      Website: www.electro-serv.lk
      Email: sales@electro-serv.lk  
      Tel. +94115324110

      Water Mart Engineering Pvt Ltd
      No 9, Bambalapitiya Terrace
      Colombo 04, Sri Lanka

      Debug Computer Peripherals Pvt Ltd
      No. 58 42nd Lane, Wellawatta,
      Colombo 06, Sri Lanka
      Website: www.debug.lk
      Email: sirajk@debugisp.net  
      Tel. 011-7520030

      Trident Corporation Pvt Ltd
      No 595, Galle road
      Colombo 06, Sri Lanka
      Website: www.trident.lk
      Tel. 94115393300


      Kelani Cables PLC
      P.O Box 14, Wewalduwa Rd
      Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
      Website: www.kelanicables.com 
      Email: info@kelanicables.com  
      Tel. +94112911224

      Hayleys Electronics Lighting Pvt Ltd
      No 25, Foster Lane
      Colombo 10- Sri lanka
      Website: www.hayleysconsumer.com 
      Email: sajeewa.karunatilaka@consumer.hayleys.com  
      Tel. 94112166200

      Infotechs Pvt Ltd
      23/1 Jaya Road
      Colombo 04, Sri Lanka
      Website: www.infotechs.lk
      Email: lalantha@infotechs.lk   
      Tel. 94112581529

      Nexten Pvt Ltd
      No 719, Ethulkotte
      Kotte, Sri Lanka
      Website: www.nexten.lk/
      Email: info@companyname.com  
      Tel. 94112884931

      Static Company Pvt Ltd (Maldives)
      Fareedhee Magu, Male 20256
      Rep. of Maldives
      Fax- +960 3326405
      Email: info@static-company.com  
      Tel. +960 33110313

      Venora International Projects Pvt Ltd
      No.10/32, Deniya Road
      Sri Lanka
      Website: www.venoragroup.com 
      Email: venora@sltnet.lk  
      Tel. 94112581529

      Our System Integrators

      Electro Metal Pressings Pvt Ltd
      No 26, Templeburg Industrila Estate
      Panagoda, Sri Lanka
      Website: http://www.emp.lk/
      Tel. 944442497

      ONCO Solutions Pvt Ltd
      343/2A, Athurugiriya Road
      Hokandara, Sri Lanka
      Website: http://onco.lk/ 
      Tel. 94115731135

      N-able Pvt Ltd
      36,Bristol Street
      Colombo-01, Sri Lanka.
      Website: www.n-able.biz 
      Tel. 94114625000

      DMS Electronics Pvt Ltd
      207/1, Dharmapala Mawatha
      Colombo 07, Sri Lanka
      Website: www.dmselectronics.com 
      Tel. (+94)114640600
      Tel. (+94)112677667

      ITES (PVT) LTD | Sri Lanka
      30A, Police Park Avenue
      Colombo 05
      Website: http://itessoftware.com/ 

      RoseWare Corporation Pvt Ltd
      Ma. South Shine |Chaandhanee
      Magu Male’ 20174
      Republic of Maldives
      Website: www.rosewarecorp.com 
      Email: ahmed.faisal@rosewarecorp.com  
      Tel. 960330-8554

      Our System Integrators

      Lanka Energy Conservation Pvt Ltd
      22, Milagiriya Avenue
      Colombo 4, Sri Lanka
      Website: http://www.lankaenergy.lk/ 
      Tel. 94727242831

      Ried International Trading Associates Pvt Ltd
      1080/9, Aatigala Mawatha
      Rajagiriya,Sri Lanka
      Tel. 94112875278

      Control Concepts Pvt Ltd
      146/1, Temple Road
      Piliyandala, Sri Lanka
      Tel. 94117208960

      Ceyoka Engineering Pvt Ltd
      No 55, Negombo Road
      Peliyagoda, Sri Lanka
      Website : www.ceyoka.com
      Email :info@ceyokaengineering.com  
      Tel. 94112989999